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Institute for
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Benkenstrasse 254a
CH-4108 Witterswil

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IAP Fläche mit Lysimeter und Kronentraufefänger

Since 38 years we conduct research in the fields of forest ecology and plant physiology. Our main concern is the health of forests in Switzerland and urban trees in Basel, which we examine by means of permanent observation. In addition, we conduct case studies and field experiments to address specific questions. The IAP is a private research institute founded in 1980 by Professor Dr. Walter Flückiger, Dr. Heidi Flückiger and Dr. Sabine Braun in Schönenbuch BL. Since 2018 the IAP AG is under the direction of Dr. Sabine Braun and located in Witterswil SO.

Our funding agencies are Swiss cantons (AG, BE, BL, BS, GR, LU, OW, NW, SO, SZ, TG, UR and ZH) and the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). The main activity is an intercantonal permanent forest observation programme. Every four years we publish the main findings in a report called ‘How is our forest?’, most recently in 2018. Many results are also published in peer-reviewed journals. The outcomes of our research on nitrogen deposition, soil acidity and ozone are integrated in the UNECE proceedings on Critical levels und Loads via FOEN divisions Forest and Air. These Critical Levels and Loads are essential elements of international agreements aiming for transboundary emission reductions.